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On this page we will list current cadets of our unit.

Here are all of the cadets that are in our unit this semester. FYI NS stands for Naval Science.

NS-4 Cadets
Brian McDonald - (251)955-5031, Cell 609-7170
Chris Watts - (251)968-4479, Cell 228-0727
Jarrod Miller
Stuart Wright
Teresa Leon
Joey Roberts
Brittany Gatlin
NS-3 Cadets
Ben Locke
Derek Gunter
Joseph Canibano
Nikki Blakemore
Shane Hughes
NS-1 Cadets
Andreas Anagnostopulos
Julie Bates
Kody Branton
Courtney Bryant
Samantha Clark
Gabe Dickson
Dennis Drysdale
Jeremy Fulford
Ryan Hasemeier
Lacie Holden

NS-2 Cadets
Emma Jones
Anthony Shumate
Whitney Juvenal
Jonathan Camp
Chris Millar
Dylan Callaway
David Linkenhoker
Kodie Gieson
Bryan Jensen
Justin Kendall
Thomas Neely
Michael Pfaff
NS-1 Cadets
Shannon Houston
Zach Kuiken
Davey Martin
Amber Roberts
Jaron Roberson
Kyle Sculley
Matthew Smith
Faith Warner
Meagan Weaver
Danielle Willis

The grand total of cadets in our unit is: 44 cadets

Gulf Shores H. S. Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps SY 2005-2006  
Last updated 23SEP05