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Gulf Shores NJROTC

Unit Background And Unit Chain of Command

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Unit Background And Unit Chain of Command
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History of Our Unit

This is our fourth year of having a NJROTC at our school. In our first year of NJROTC we had a total of 17 cadets. The school year was 2001-2002. The next year we had 35 cadets totaled, and in 2003-2004 our count was just a little over 40 cades in the unit. Last year at the end of 2005 we had 45 cadets. Gulf Shores High NJROTC was ranked 16th out of 52 NJROTC programs in Area Eight and was given the title of Distinguished Unit for the 04-05 school year.

OUR OPS: c/LT(jg) Ben Locke


OUR CO: c/LCDR Stuart Wright


OUR XO: c/LT Teresa Leon

OUR SUPPLY: c/ENS Derek Gunter

Our Staff Officers

Our command slate is as follow: 
       CO - c/LCDR Stuart Wright
       XO - c/LT Teresa Leon
       Operations Officer - c/LT(JG) Ben Locke      
       Supply Officer - C/ENS Derek Gunter
       Administration Officer - c/ENS Jarrod Miller      
       Supply Chief - c/CPO Joey Roberts       
       Administration Chief - c/CPO Brian McDonald
       Operations Assist - c/SN Justin Kendall
       Supply Assist - c/SN Emma Jones
       Administration Assist - c/PO2 Anthony Shumate

OUR ADMIN: c/ENS Jarrod Miller

Gulf Shores H. S. Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps SY 2005-2006  
Last updated 23SEP05